Cosmic Shore

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Cosmic Shore is bringing session based, co-op PVE play to arcade flyers in a fully destructible environment. Play with anyone at any time and develop your squad at your own pace as you learn the abilities and master the skills to survive, navigate, and conquer the unexplored Hypersea.

The alpha release wave of Cosmic Shore fast approaches. Sign up to keep an eye on the tides.

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There is only one thing to fear in the Hypersea, pilot. You.

Screen shot of gameplay

Play with Anyone

Procedurally generated missions and in-session leveling mean nobody misses out on story or gets left behind. Your friends that log in once a month can keep flying on the same squad as your everyday friends and never be underleveled.

Screen shot of destroy during the game.

Destroy… Everything

The spherical domains of the Hypersea are full of their own dangerous lifeforms and every ship flying through them leaves a trail of solid blocks in its wake. Everything you see (including your own trail) can sink or save you, and all of it can be destroyed.