Cosmic Shore
Test Your Skills

In the deep future, the distant descendants of Earth are leaving their home planet of Tumult to colonize the galaxy. In the process, they have discovered an ancient network of gateways that lead to a seemingly alternate reality they named the HyperSea. Further exploration has revealed it to be a means of traversing the cosmos faster than light, so long as you aren’t seduced by its beauty or eaten by its denizens...

With multiple game modes, an expanding roster of vessels, the option for hotseat play, and a cross-genre esport Cosmic Shore will expand massively on our initial tech release, Tail Glider, which is already available for free demo in the app stores. Showcasing our revolutionary flight controls and demonstrating the basic gameplay loop, Tail Glider is the recommended way to prepare for the depth and breadth of Cosmic Shore. Enjoy the toys!!!


Create mass to increase your team score. Maneuver to the perfect position with expert timing. Disrupt your opponent with heroic skill and class-defining abilities. Prepare for the coming esport!

Dive In


Deciding what kind of mobile game you want to play is as easy as picking your Class in Cosmic Shore. Soar meditatively through the ‘Sea in a high-speed flow state with the Manta Class, or become an aggro monster of destruction and smash everything in a Rhino Class vessel. Future Classes will drop our revolutionary flight controls entirely and include commanders that play a 2D, real-time strategy game or a 3D puzzler that awards spatial awareness. Sharpen your reflexes with our free demo Tail Glider:

Take Flight

Cosmic Shore is proud to present a prototype for our latest control scheme for your journey into the Hypersea, try out Tail Glider Today!


With the back to school season in full swing, we at Froglet Games opened up the season with the launch of our pre-alpha testing stage for Cosmic Shore! The development team has worked tirelessly to get the first build ready for user testing. Along with adding team members to head up the community, instructional design, and operations aspects, the Froglet Games crew has worked to create a unique experience for it's first build launch and simultaneously founded the Froglet Games Discord Server as a way to connect and engage with mobile gamers. In effect, our team here at Froglet hopes Cosmic Shore will have a transparent game development process in which gamers play a role in shaping the game; development by democracy if you will.

If you haven't had a chance to meet the team and want to participate in the alpha testing, join our Froglet Games Discord and become a "Shore Bird" today!
Discord Server: