Soar through the HyperSea in a high-speed, meditative flow state with intuitive flight controls. Dart, dodge, drift, and boost through the tightest spaces to stay in the thick of the action and take the biggest swings in the game. Abandon strategy for tactics and order for chaos as you go monster-aggro and smash the galaxy with your face.
It’s your game and you can play it your way, with genre-crossing Classes and every level of engagement: from casual, hotseat minigames and rewarded dailies to team missions and a structured esport.

Every HyperSea-worthy vessel is capable of enhancing its colored mass output. Pacifying or controlling biomes is only possible if your color is the majority of mass in the biome. Producing mass is the fundamental way to win a majority and refuel along your journey.

Every vessel is also equipped with the ability to destroy, steal, shrink or otherwise disrupt other colors of mass. Filling populated biomes with additional mass can make them more hostile. Sometimes reducing hostile mass is your only option.

Maneuvering through the HyperSea is usually a thrilling delight. Knowing where and when to create your own or disrupt enemy mass is pivotal to victory. Each vessel has its own unique abilities to get where they need to be or otherwise extend their reach.

Play the Prototype

Welcome to Cosmic Shore, Sentience! As well as providing all of your logistical and technical support during your traversal of the HyperSea, Cosmic Shore hosts a variety of mission structures. You can choose missions of almost any difficulty and nearly any time commitment to complete while you explore the ‘Sea. Safe journeys!

Get the crystal (2-4 players)

Inspired by games like Ultimate Chicken Horse and Jenga, players progressively increase the challenge until a winner remains.

Dolphin Darts (1-2 players)

Accurately drift into crystals to blow up more of the dartboards than your opponent.

Ransack Rally (1-4 players)

Skim past trails on your way to a biome. Whoever steals more along the way wins.

Freestyle Toybox (1 player)

No rules, time, or score. Do what you want for as long as you like. This is not a game; enjoy the toys.

Guide Missions
2 v 2

Couriers, refugees, colonists, and more all need safe passage across the galaxy. Navigating the HyperSea is the only practical way to turn 100 light years into a five minute journey. Join the Cosmic Shore’s roster of elite guides, leading and protecting the galaxy's travelers as they brave the hazards of the HyperSea.

Guide Missions
2 v 2

A stepping stone to our future dreams of a multi-biome esport, Duel for the Cell provides replayability with different teammates, opponents, and difficulties in every match, all of which can be enjoyed in a variety of environments with their own unique flora, fauna, and effects. Duel for the Cell is a 1v1 match with every player creating mass in the form of trail blocks, and disrupting mass by shielding, stealing or otherwise affecting them. The main objective is to have the greatest mass volume by the end of the match. This adds a third dimension to the classic strategy game focus on area control.

Cosmic Shore is proud to present a prototype for our latest control scheme for your journey into the Hypersea, try out Tail Glider Today!

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